We are profoundly committed to the safety of goods, people and the environment. As an ISO9001:2015 certified logistics firm holding an SQAS attestation, we strive for sustainability and guarantee the highest level of security and professionalism in handling your shipments.

Security protocols for all Intermodal Lineas terminals

It is your responsibility as a road hauler to ensure that you or your agents follow all security measures described below when using any service at Intermodal Lineas terminals. These measures are not exhaustive and are subordinate to official terminal regulations.

You or your agent must:

  • Present themselves at the gate with all required administrative documents.
  • Present themselves with a chassis equipped with 4 twist locks to secure the unit according to Belgian road haulage regulations.
  • Shut down the motor during unit handling and while at the gate.
  • Adhere to a maximum speed limit of 20 km/h.
  • Give way to terminal vehicles (cranes, reach stackers, straddle carriers and more), which have right-of-way over all other vehicles at the terminal.
  • Wear a high-visibility vest and a helmet while on the terminal.

You or your agent must NOT:

  • Remain in the vehicle during unit handling.
  • Walk underneath cargo or units.
  • Crawl onto wagons.
  • Smoke at the terminal.
  • Leave a vehicle at the terminal when the terminal is closed.
  • Leave garbage at the terminal.

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