Modal Shift to rail? Everyone wants it, we are doing it

17 May 2016


Our company has already shown that it can move mountains. 
 A clear purpose was one of the success factors of our transformation. We have generated an immense strength and energy in order to survive, and we ultimately succeeded. We are going to use the same strength and energy to achieve a new purpose: modal shift to rail.
Rail as the obvious choice
Rail has many inherent advantages. Not only is it the most sustainable mode of transport, but also one of the safest choices. Furthermore, quality of rail freight has made enormous progress in recent years. Even when it comes to cost efficiency, rail transport can compete with road. But we know that it takes more to convince companies to opt for rail.
We are developing products of such quality, performance and price, and with such excellent service, that customers automatically choose rail because it outperforms other transport solutions. With our Green Xpress Network, we are redefining the quality standards of international rail transport. In this way, we are already seeing a shift from road to rail in the routes we offer. But we want to go a step further with regard to our networks and the accessibility of rail freight.
Grow and take responsibility
Our goal is obviously to generate profitable growth with top products and outstanding service. But there is more. We want to assume our responsibility and make a difference for society with our core business. Driving our trains, we actually have a relevant positive effect on CO2 emissions and on road mobility. Also, the Belgian economy wins in the process. A reliable and attractive rail offering contributes to the competitiveness of Belgian ports and industry, whilst our country remains the logistical hub of Europe.
The modal shift to rail is our purpose. To achieve it, we will have to continue reinventing the rail industry. Our entire organisation supports this and is leading the way.  In addition, we continue to look for more allies to achieve that ambitious purpose, either by joining us or in their own organisation. Let’s shift together!