Coronavirus: Lineas activities continue

03 April 2020


During this challenging time for our economy, we want to thank our customers and partners for the continued collaboration. We do our utmost to keep your supply chain running, while at the same time ensuring everyone’s health and safety.

As we are getting many inquiries on how our company is coping with the Corona crisis, we would like to give you an update on the most frequently asked questions.

Is Lineas still running trains?

Definitely! We continue to serve all markets in Europe and our Green Xpress Network continues to run.

Do you have spare capacity to take on extra volumes? 

Yes. We’ve already had multiple requests for extra transport and can still take on more volumes. Please contact or (for intermodal volumes) if you need our help. We will gladly try to find solutions within our own services or refer you to one of our partners.

Is Lineas Intermodal’s Main Hub terminal in Antwerp operational?

Yes, our Main Hub remains fully operational. Moreover, we have the online platform Fast Gate to render the handling procedure fully contactless and optimize transit times. By requesting the pick-up or drop-off of goods online, you receive codes that allow your drivers to skip the physical check-in and drive straight to the gates. More information on our website.

Can trains still drive through Europe?

Yes. All European member states agree that transport is vital and have not put limitations on rail freight within and through their territories.

The only restriction we see is in France where the accessibility of the rail network is reduced. We are in touch with customer impacted by this and we manage to find solutions.

Are you experiencing issues at the borders?

No. We have equipped our drivers with the necessary additional documents from authorities for them to cross country borders swiftly.

Is there enough staff to run your operations?

Yes. Some of our staff members have recently been absent due to illness, but we have been able to absorb this without limiting our operations. Absenteeism is now decreasing again.

What is Lineas doing in terms of safety and health?

Safety and health of everyone involved are our number one priority. Apart from our usual safety procedures, we have put in place additional measures which you can consult on our website.