We provide an end-to-end solution for your logistics.


First Mile 

If your company does not have its own rail connection, we can collect all types of cargo from your site at a time that suites you and take responsibility for loading it safely onto our freight wagons. Making sure your cargo is loaded safely and efficiently onto well-maintained wagons helps to optimize our service. Our highly-trained team are there to help you.

Railport and terminals

Railports allow you to transfer your goods to-and-from maritime ports by train. We are able to transport all types of freight to-and-from ports to rail terminals in the heart of Europe. We operate several direct express routes to economic hubs like Koln, Vienna, Milan, Madrid and Malmö.

We also provide fast transport from rail terminal to rail terminal. Connecting most of the terminals across Europe with our fast connections, including our own rail terminal in Belgium, we can transport your goods to anywhere across Europe.

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Wagon and Loc renting

Whatever cargo you need to move, over whatever distance; we can provide well-maintained wagons and locomotives from our fleet that are tailored to your requirements. We currently hold more than 7,000 wagons, including eight different types, and mixture of 200 diesel and electric locomotives. Our fleet is modern, certified, rigorously maintained and adaptable to your needs.

Long Haul

Our Green Xpress Network provides fast, reliable and sustainable connections between European economic hubs at unrivalled quality. We make direct daily round trips to destinations across the continent, providing you with shorter lead times, regular arrival times, faster connections. The reliability statistics for the Green Xpress Network are 95%, and we can also reduce the carbon emissions of your transport logistics by between 83% and 87.5%.

Operating mainly from our hub in Antwerp, we deliver all types of cargo to-and-from the heart of Europe. Locally, we serve all stations in Belgium and are the preferred last mile delivery partner of the Belgian ports including Zeebrugge, Ghent. We also provide and daily connections to most quays of the port of Antwerp.

Why rail?

Freight transport by rail is the much more climate-conscious mode of transport. The facts are there:

• Rail emits 9 times less CO2
• Rail causes 8 times less air pollution
• Rail uses 6 times less energy than road

And rail solves our mobility issue.