Different types of transport

We help you to transport your goods in all possible ways from pallets over containers to full blocktrains. 

Block train

If you need to transport high volumes of commodities, our block trains provide a fast, reliable and cost effective solution. We operate approximately 850 point-to-point block trains each week, with loading capacities of up to 2,600 tonnes net, and a maximum length of 750 metres.

Single wagon load

We know that some business supply chains rely on irregular deliveries of smaller volumes of cargo. The breadth of our Green Xpress Network throughout Europe means that we can deliver single wagon loads when and where you need them. This sustainable service is designed to offer total flexibility, from online configuration to end-point delivery.

Intermodal units of all kinds

We also have intermodal wagons in our fleet, adapted to be able to directly carry shipping containers, swap bodies and road trailers from one port or terminal to another. These can then be quickly and efficiently transferred to the next mode of transport, helping to optimize door-to-door delivery times. Lineas Intermodal can transport your cargo from any start point to any destination.


The smallest volume of freight we can transport for you is a single pallet.

The smallest volume of freight we can transport for you is a single pallet. All you need to do to organise transport of less than a full wagon load is organize drop-off and collection from a rail-connected warehouse with our distribution partners. Loads will be transported overnight on our Xpress trains.

Exceptional transport

If you need to transport out of gauge freight like, for example, military machinery and toxic materials, and new or damaged rail locomotives, we can help. We offer an end-to-end service that is focussed on safety and efficiency. Often, we will transport your cargo overnight, and have a team dedicated to end-to-end monitoring and follow-up of your cargo.


Our other services

Next to end-to-end logistics solutions, we offer a range of other services to make sure your freight arrives safe and sound at its destination.